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worried about sex

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Why bother with a post grad? Are they even worth it? Have your say! 26-10-2016

    If they are the sort of person to compare you to someone else, you'd know this waaaay before you get intimate and you shouldn't ever want to be with someone like that. Please get out of a relationship if they end up treating you like you're inferior or something.

    Bro chill its just sex... besides they hve people to hire for such instances..

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    so i feel really dumb writing this but it's constantly playing in my mind. I've never had sex before (i'm 19) and have never really been ready for a relationship until now. however i'm literally terrified of getting into a relationship with someone who has had sex before. Ideally I'd like my first time to be with another virgin but due to my age i feel this gonna be almost impossible and chances are the person i end up with won't be one. I just feel like they would compare me to the previous person they slept with (meaning the sex itself and also comparing my body) and obviously i would need them to go slow for my first time and i'd worry they wouldn't or like they couldn't be bothered to take their time. I know it's dumb but it's constantly playing in my mind and I wish I could stop worrying about this
    If someone is good enough to have sex with you, they completely won't care about any of this stuff and their main priority will be making you comfortable. Honestly, if they're about to have sex with someone, they are hardly going to be thinking about anything else in that moment! Honestly it's just the overthinking and the pressure of sex in the media that is making you feel this way, but most people are completely normal and understanding - and 19 is not an unusual age to be a virgin! Just don't have sex for the sake of it, when it is with the right person none of this will matter if they don't listen to your worries then they aren't worth your time
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Updated: June 5, 2016
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