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Is this bad, sent this drunk

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    (Original post by MainlyMathsHelp)
    Yeah reading over the other stuff you said you said to her face I don't think you would call her a princess and crap when you're sober but correct me if I'm wrong.
    noo by text and I wasn't drunk I don't think but at that time of night she'd expect me to be drunk

    This is nothing to what I have done drunk... No offence. I can be an absolute prick and end up countlessly regretting about it the next day. I recently told this girl that her boyfriend has cheated on her twice and only told her about the one girl he cheated her on with. I call everyone ***** etc. I can go round being an absolute ****. It's horrible. What you done is hardly nothing except from a little bit of humiliation. If anything, it's best you know so you know where you stand so in hindsight you actually helped yourself.

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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I don't want to sleep with her(well I do,but I wouldn't) I am pretty sure I wouldn't get in any trouble unless she hated me and reported me but I never say anything sexual...I don't for that reason. I just sort of fell in love with her as I hung out with her
    The booze isn't for her, a friend of hers wants it but I said no anyway.
    Yeah obviously, because you definitely didn't say that you wanted to shag her and lick her out face to face, as per your post on the first page. It's clear that nothing sexual is going on and you've no sexual intentions towards her...

    Frankly she could probably report you over that alone, if she was so inclined, and I wouldn't count on her maintaining her goodwill personally. Note that once you hit 18 you will be an adult and such a mark could potentially bar you from certain future career paths.

    Just walk away and find someone your own age, it's really that simple.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I have told her I wanted to **** her and lick her out in person, she weren't bothered by that so hoping this won't bother her
    so, you want to lick her after you **** her?
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Updated: June 14, 2016
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