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Is WJEC English Combined boring?

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    I have heard a lot of people recently complaining that the WJEC syllabus for English Lit and Lang combined is boring, is this true?
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    (Original post by Argent-chan)
    I have heard a lot of people recently complaining that the WJEC syllabus for English Lit and Lang combined is boring, is this true?
    Is this GCSE?
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    (Original post by GreenLantern1)
    Is this GCSE?
    A levels
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    Before starting this college course of English language and Literature combined i had never once in my life read a book. After reading both In Cold Blood and Kelly Gang my interest in books have grown, i really did enjoy In Cold Blood and at first i didn't like Kelly Gang because of the lack of grammar which of course was a deliberate literary technique which i found annoying and the fact that there was several words which i didn't understand which affected my understanding of the book as a whole but after reading it for the second time it really started to grow on me. I think in the future i mite actually start reading more books and as for poetry i guess that's kind of grown on me as well because the whole process of figuring out the message behind the poem gives a sense of excitement. If you have never studied poetry at first you can feel low enthusiasm for the course because you just look at a poem and literally have no understanding of the poem at all but with the correct sources and teacher it becomes more interesting and easy to learn. Because it's combined you will also learn a wide range of vocabulary and terminology which can help build your knowledge further, i personally like learning new words because then i can use them in my future work and feel more like an "intellectual badass" and if you ever get into an online argument you can just own the person with vocabulary they don't understand and feel better about yourself.


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Updated: May 19, 2012
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