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I Screwed Up [School]

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    I figured this would be the appropriate forum..

    So, I had a moment of self-reflection the other day, and realised how much of an idiot I have been. I'm in year 10 and I've just failed completely. In my latest report I didn't have any higher grades than a C in any of my subjects, I'm now sitting foundation papers for my exams this year, and probably next year too.

    Some problems in year 9, just general things and some depression which resulted me being referred to a counselor at the start if year 10 (even though she did nothing to assist me) - I seemed to lose all motivation; I was in set 1 for Maths, I got moved down due to lack of organisation, didn't even make a positive attempt at my English essays and at one point, was kicked out from my Geography class and being forced to do another subject. The worst is, out of all this, I know I could be a student that could achieve great grades.

    This year, I believe the handful of exams I have will be foundation, I know I can achieve well enough in my science exams, should I ask if I could resit them as higher tier? I had the highest science assessment mark in my class (even though I wasn't in school for any of the practical).

    What would you recommend I do overall to better myself? I want to work hard, keep motivated and succeed next year, but now most of my teachers dislike me, it doesn't seem I'll be given that chance.

    What about organisation?
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    you're only in year 10! don't panic, its good that you've come to the realisation that you need to work hard at school early on.

    Basically work as hard as you can for your exams, start to be nicer to the teachers and they'll realise that you're wanting to be better now - if they dont **** em. If you do well in your foundation papers try getting your parents to talk to them to let you do higher papers? keep pestering them and they'll see you are motivated and want to do well.

    i didnt go to a great school, the teachers were ****, but i taught my self worked my ass off and you can do the same.

    good luck x
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    If you feel that you are able to sit the Higher tier I'd definetly suggest that you work very hard towards getting good grades in the Foundation and resitting them as higher, because you'll be stuck with the maximum of a C afterwards.

    I guess that the way to resolve your problem would be to prove to your teachers that you can do much better than Foundation tier by just doing very well in these exams. Maybe even having a chat with them and telling them that you realise you messed up and that you feel you're capable to get higher grades.

    But yeah, it's probably easier to sort it out in year 10 than in year 11, so don't waste any time.


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