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Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics

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    Hi Guys. I'm starting to think about the A Levels I want to do, and know I want to do either Maths, Physics, Economics or Accounting at uni, or degrees to do with these topics. If I took Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Physics at A-Level (you can't do five at the school I'm going to), would this leave my options open for all of these degrees? Also, could you let me know your experiences with these A-Levels. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Long post, I know, but thanks
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    Not sure about your later question but I am doing those exact A-levels (plus an EPQ)

    Edit: This certainly leaves options free for Maths, Physics and Economics, not sure about Accounting.
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    Yes, those would be good choices for your possible university courses.
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    Yes it will as accounting requires very basic maths and some unis prefer you to do it up to A level. I did Maths, Physics and Economics and it opened up my options from Maths and Engineering degrees ( except Chemical) all the way to Buisness Administration and Management courses.

    My opinions on the subjects:

    Maths- my favourite subject of them all, loved almost all sections except complex numbers and some areas from Statistics. Overall quite easy if you keep up to date with work and you're quite good at it.

    Physics- Very interesting topics and requires you to think on your own on every exam question. You cannot just study for the exam and turn up and pass, you have to know the subject very well. Overall it was really challenging but manageable

    Economics- A really good subject for Universities as it is an essay based subject and like physics, you cannot just study for the subject and pass, you have to understand all areas of the subject. Overall- my least favourite, but I'm glad I chose it. I found it hard in some areas and easy in some. But at least I know how markets work.
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    All Brilliant choices, though I opted for Politics and Government instead of FM as I want to do PPE.
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    I did Maths , Physics , Economics and Accounting at A2 . This really opened up my option and they are all good subjects. Hopefully studying Maths with finance at uni, which is mostly maths but with units applied to accounting and economics


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Updated: June 30, 2012
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