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    ANYONE wanting to stay at St Marks Flats (on St Marks Rd) should reconsider! Like seriously, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!!!

    The guy who showed me and my parents around (Waqas or something!) was so so so so so RUDE!!! To start off with he came out of his car and told my parents to not park outside the building, my dad said he'll move his car to the main road (literlaly 30 seconds) and he said "i'm not waiting i'm not waiting no i cant wait"... okay so we cant leave the car here or park it? EH? anyway when my mum asked what the heck was wrong with him he retreated back to his car and refused to do the viewing despite us travelling almost 2 hours to see the damn place!

    ...Eventually he came crawling back and we went to see the flat. OH EM GEE WAS IT GROSS!! Things were broken and when i asked if they were going to get fixed he just had a tantrum and yelled! So unprofessional and childish. The place was FILTHY!!!! There is NO security! Things are broken and when asked about this they said 'well if people keep breaking things we're not just going to keep fixing them everytime'... most shocking of all though... The flat was left FILTHY from previous occupants and half there stuff was still there... i asked if it would be cleaned and guess what.. he said No, because 2 girls from last year haven't moved out and they're staying on till the next year! WTH?!?!?! so just let new students come and live in others mold and crapAVOID AVOID AVOID!!!

    How is that even possible? I lived there last year and everything was brought down in Feb 2012. Are you sure you're referring to the University owned flats?

    (Original post by eirini_infotech)
    How is that even possible? I lived there last year and everything was brought down in Feb 2012. Are you sure you're referring to the University owned flats?
    No, she's talking about a private block of flats called St. Marks Court. At least I assume so. If not, she'd certainly have had reason to complain as "our" St. Marks is now a heap of rubble:cry:
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    Yep talking about the privately owned place.. NOT the old Uni accom

    St Marks Court is not St Marks Flats and they do not have such a man working for them - i know as i do.


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Updated: September 5, 2014
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