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Hardest GCSE Subject?

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  • View Poll Results: What Is The Hardest GCSE Subject?
    English Lit/Lang
    D & T
    Language (Spanish, French, German...)
    Art And Design
    Business Studies
    Other (Post The Subject)

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    Yeah I'd go with English Lit too.
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    I'd English because you can have fantastic c/w grades but then if you mess up the exam you are in trouble ~
    for me a hard subject means = hardest to get a good grade
    So it is either History or English ~
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    So far I'm finding Math's the hardest, and I found that easiest in KS3. Fine Art's pretty hard too, but that's just the time it takes up.
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    (Original post by lapsaJ)

    depends on the person too.. only one challenging is maths due to a history of broken learning - otherwise id be as comfortable at maths at science.. id say english is quite hard and btec ict sucks due to the sheer amount of cw but thats what you expect from a crap btec lol
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    Personally, I'd find something like Art awful, and I know I wouldn't be able to get a good grade in it. Well, there's no way I'd get an A*, or an A most likely. And I wouldn't enjoy it either, I can't do art. I might be able to get a C or something, but nothing higher, I'd think. However I'm sure during the 2 year course I'd improve, but y'know. However, I know some amazing artists in my year, that love and are really enthusiastic about it.

    However, I'm more of a sciencey/mathsy person. I can do Maths this year with no major problems, and the same with Chemistry for the most part. I'm not saying they're not hard, cos parts of them are, they're just not very hard to me. But equally I know some people who can't stand maths and would never do the A-Level in a million years, and only did the GCSE cos they had to.

    So, I'd say Art overall personally. But out of the GCSEs I did I'd say Literature-well, it was my only A for a start (though I've recently realised I probably could've managed to get an A* if I'd put more effort in and thought about it more), and I didn't enjoy it too much. But really, I'm not going to vote as everyone will have different opinions on the matter-I'm sure there're some people on here that could get an A* in Art GCSE with no problem, and others that would struggle to even get a C in maths.
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    (Original post by kimzotic)
    Latin! so much poetry to remember
    The marks in my class were appalling: Ds and Es for people who'd otherwise done quite well.

    The new modular science is so much easier than the old science! *grumbles* We didn't have the luxury of multiple choice, we had to do proper coursework instead of silly ISAs... */end grumble*
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    In my opinion - German
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    This is obviously really subjective, but I reckon something like English Lit is the hardest to achieve top grades in. However, I may only be saying that 'cause I wasn't used to revising for English, and the mocks were a bit of a wake up call. My best subject ended up being my worst result...
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    Resistant materials definately, I cant believe english is top its really easy for me though I only got a B for literature.
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    Maths for me.
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    Art - because you need to be good at it (AND enjoy it too) or you'll get screwed up. I wasn't good at it and didn't enjoy doing the coursework (it took up most of my time) so I ended up with a B. Well, it was either Art or Child Development.
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    I'm finding English Lit the hardest. I got a D in the mock, which was my lowest grade. I find the stuff we have to study for the exam really hard to understand, especially the poems. That means I also have a lot of difficulty writing essays that are long enough! But I think my coursework is quite good, so hopefully that'll raise my final grade to a C or B.
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    English Lit!!
    I can not do it AT ALL =[
    I try my absolute hardest and still just get Bs
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    I hate chemistry with a passion, proven by my grade D's in it as apposed to my A*'s in Biology and Physics. Also, drama is a tough subejct to get a high grade in, the coursework element is terrible if you're aiming high and you need a really nice examiner to watching your final piece, otherwise your drama grade is pratically doomed.
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    As the poll says: English Lit.
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    (Original post by kimzotic)
    Latin! so much poetry to remember
    Too right! Typically, the ones we concentrated on in class were ignored on the paper... what poems did you have to learn?

    I actually voted for Science, if only because it was my worst grade Predicted A*A*, got BB...I blame my complete inability to understand Chemistry after year 9, and an unlucky Blodge paper. Oh well, if one won't revise, what can they expect?!

    Surprised at the number of people answering English...
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    I found RE and Physics really hard. Then again, it's probably because I did absolutley NO work in them because they were so boring.
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    (Original post by harinderkaur.johal@gmail.)
    Never heard of that being a subject, would have loved to have the option to do it though.


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