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Funny leaving/yearbook awards??? e.g. most likely to...

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    As headgirl ive been put in charge of awards for our leaving assembley... im beginning to run short on ideas, if you can give any funny ones or original ones that would be great.

    So far ive got things like...
    • Person most likely to still be working on their degree in 6 years award
    • "Ringtone pimp" award
    • Most likely to get ID'd still when they're 30 award
    • Most embarrisin incident award
    • "Naturally drunk" award

    Any ideas that would be great
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    'Most likely to get knocked up before they are 20'
    would be good I think
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    "Most likely to turn into a nun award"
    "Most likely to be seen on crimestoppers award"

    Both pretty evil for recipient.
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    Become priminister/famous/take over the world
    Most likely to end up in jail
    Most likely to end up teaching at your school
    Most likely to get married (straight and gay, but make sure they're ok with it)
    Most likely to have a town/element/insect named after them
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    Most annoying but loved award?
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    Most likely to be a hobo, hillbilly or chimpanzee :p: [/simpsons]
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    My schools ones are dreadful this year:

    Most likely to use their nose as an umbrella.
    Most likely to die a virgin.
    Most likely to die of obesity.

    I actually wouldn't be abel to cope if I get voted one of those!
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    probably best to stay clear of the ones that are offensive towards people who might win them:

    best car award
    most likely to invent something and marry a supermodel
    worst attendance award
    most likely to end up in jail in a remote foreign country
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    We had most fanciable male, most fanciable female, most caring, most hardworking, Prozac award for optimism, best dressed, most likely to be Prime Minister, funniest, best sportsman, best sportswoman and most likely to be rich and famous.
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    hehe...we didn't have anything like that.

    Did you win any of those then Kelly?!
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    Best bum
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    Most likely to appear on TV/radio
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    For a couple who are together for a while, do
    'Most likely to get married.'
    'Most sporty'
    'Most cool'
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    You might have to run them past a senior teacher at your school (we had to give the list to the head of pastoral care) because some of the ones which could be deemed offensive we were asked to remove. Some schools completely stay out of it though, so you could be okay.
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    I think we had:
    Romeo and Juliet of school
    Most visible underwear
    Most use of the term "bargain"
    Most blondest
    Most likely to work on children's tv
    Nicest person
    Funniest person
    Biggest chav
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    most likely to succeed??? (yer right)
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    We haaave;

    Best Couple
    Miss World
    Mr Universe
    Most Likely to be a Serial Killer
    Most Likely to be a Millionnaire
    Biggest Boff
    Biggest Chav
    Most Likely to be on the Dole
    Biggest Blonde
    Best Lookalike
    Class Clown

    and also;

    Sexiest Male Teacher
    Sexiest Female Teacher
    Best Male Teacher
    Best Female Teacher

    Your best bet is to pick your categories, see who wins...then if you're not sure if they'd take offence or not then go ask them if they mind - if they do then choose the person who came second as winner. Most people who've won ours are fine with it, but our "Sexiest Female" teacher refuses to have her photo taken (we've make a mock page in our yearbook which is the winners heads cut out and put onto funny pictures lol.

    Great fun

    Nicola x
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    (Original post by Angelil)
    hehe...we didn't have anything like that.

    Did you win any of those then Kelly?!
    Yeah, I won 'most hardworking' :p: Trust me to win a boring one!
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    Most likely to be a Page 3 girl!
    Most likely to be a porn star!
    40 year old virgin! (i hate that one! )

    Just some that are in my yearbook! :p:
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    we had most likely to be a WAG


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