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How to get over a bad exam?

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    I had my unit 3 physics exam today and after revising for so long, getting given a paper where I had no idea what to do on really makes me feel terrible. I am supposed to feel happy that I have finished my exams, however I just feel rubbish.

    Honestly not a lot you cna do at the moment. I would sya eat , sleep and relax a bit.

    You can worry about it tomorrow.

    If you have done poorly, then you cna prepare in your mind what you will do based on the result.

    1. Not as bad as you thought, get into Uni
    2. Not good, get into insurance.
    3. Bad but still fancy soemthing from clearance. Consider foundation year.

    4. None of the above will resit. gap year.
    5. None of the above will look at other options such as a job or apprenticeship.

    You have between now and when you get the results.
    There is nothing you cna materially do to affect those results., so its understandable you feel drained and a bit emo. Have a cry if you want, but fundamentally you arent going to change the result. Its perfectly ok to feel crap.

    Honestly the sky doesnt fall in. You have one chance to resit old spec in 2017.

    All papers you did for physics: unit1, 2 and 3 as well as the ISA will all be taken account of before you get an overall grade for physics so if you did well on the other exams and the controlled assessment you should be fine. You won't know until you get your results so just relax.

    To be honest there is just no point dwelling on it. You can't change your grade now, it's done. Just focus on what you're going to do next, i.e. have a plan in place in case things go wrong so you're not making split second decisions about what you'll do next. Bad exams happen, sometimes you revise the wrong things, sometimes it's a horrible paper, sometimes you blank and it just doesn't happen for you... you just have to move on.

    You cry.

    let it all out and cry because thats what i do.
    spent a few days crying over my as physics paper 2.

    Same thing happened to me. My easiest subject, English I was so confident for he exam I did all the past papers, I started the exam panicked halfway through and messed up half the paper. I came home and cried all afternoon. My mum then made me realise that it's not the end of the world if you fail ONE exam, AS and coursework will bump up your grade. Also you can resit next year even though the spec is changing. Don't worry!!

    Same thing happened with my Chemistry Unit 4 as well as the last exam (Maths C4) that I had today, I feel you on revising these topics so hard but then on the day of the exam you choke, I am pretty sure I won't meet my AAB offer now but like the others said on here there is really nothing we can do now except hope that grade boundaries or luck is our friend.
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Updated: June 25, 2016
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