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    hii really stuk on sum physics h/w

    can u help please :: - we have to use the suvat/equations of motion equations.

    - a stone is thrown vertically upwards and reaches a height of 90m. find:
    a) the velocity with which it was thrown
    b) the time taken to return to its starting point
    c) its velocity at a height of 50m
    d) how far the stone will be from its starting point 7 seconds after it was thrown

    thankss x

    ok so taking upwards as positive

    s = 90m u = ? v = 0 a = -9.8m/s2 t = ?

    for part a) use v^2 - u^2 = 2 a s

    for part b) use v = u + a t to find t then double it (up then down)

    for c) use v^2 - u^2 = 2 a s where s = 50m and using u from part a)

    for d) use s = u t + 1/2 a t^2 where t = 7s

    Quite just use suvat equations and it will all be nice and easy

    OP: Every single one of your posts have either been asking people to do your homework for you (of which all questions appear to be on exactly the same topic) or follow-up posts in reply to people who have done the questions for you.

    You're not going to learn how to solve these questions if you post here every single time you get slightly stuck on a question. Look through what people have done for you here already, and see if you can generalise their working out into something you can use to solve problems that other people haven't done for you.

    Otherwise you might well have a completed piece of homework, but you will certainly not have learned anything from doing it, as it seems to me (and doubtless to others who have chanced upon your posts) that you have been blindly copying down the 'help'* others have been giving you.

    *To those of you that have posting full workings-out:
    You may think that you are doing the OP a favour; and for that, thank you. However, reams and reams of your solutions to a problem don't seem to be doing the trick - in fact, it hardly ever does the trick unless you're able to teach, that is to say, emphasise certain things, explain what you're doing while you're doing it, explain why you're doing things, etc - none of which can be done effectively using simply text (unless you're very determined and very good at explaining). Hints and tips, small (or larger!) pushes in the right direction tend to work a lot better, and are much more likely to help get the appropriate knowledge and way of thinking to sink in.

    Good advice - I get frustrated when I try to point someone in the right direction then find the next person has just posted a complete solution.

    Some people are more concerned with showing off their own knowledge than in helping.

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