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A-Level Physics Circuits Problem Help

Can anyone help with this question that me an my friend have been stuck on for multiple hours now? It's a 2009 legacy question that we're revising for a test next week but we all got the same answer separately which isn't what it says on the mark scheme. None of us can make sense of the mark scheme answer because of the lack of context but we can't reach out to our teacher right now due to personal reasons of his.

The question is:
In the circuit below the voltmeter reads 9 V and the resistance of the bulbs are as shown.

Bulb A is a series component with a resistance of 200 Ohms.

Bulb B and bulb C are in parallel and have a resistance of 80 Ohms each.

i) Calculate the total resistance [We calculated this as 240 Ohms].
ii) Calculate the current of...
I) Bulb A
I) Bulb C
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This is WJEC 2009 unit 1 Q3b

R total is 240
current in bulb A is 0.0375A
current in bulb C is 0.01875A

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