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    I've been offered a place at Anglia Ruskin, Chelmsford to study a degree in Adult Nursing in March 2012 and was just wondering if anyone has heard when the start date is?
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    Hey, I've been offered a place for the Child Nursing branch for March. I rang up the other day and they said that the move in day is the 21st and the actual start date is the 23rd. But they will send out a letter/email with all the definite dates etc. at the beginning of February or something like that
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    I'm starting adult nursing in March have you applied for accommodation?
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    Good Luck guys!!! I started ARU in September (Fulbourn campus), your going love it- it'll change your life!
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    Hi, I had an interview for Anglia Ruskin today for adult nursing. So hopefully everything went well and I'll get a place
    I was just wondering where the nursing student live? Do they live with the other university students or in separate accommodation? xx
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    I'm so excited to start! Really can't wait!
    Samantha - I think it depends on which campus you go to? For Chelmsford, we get given the option of going to student halls or hospital accommodation. I think student halls is better as its on campus, where the lectures are and you'll meet other people doing different subjects as well!
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    (Original post by emzie1045)
    I'm starting adult nursing in March have you applied for accommodation?
    I haven't applied yet, but I'm going to do it the first week of Feb. Have you?
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    (Original post by chidi_ude)
    I haven't applied yet, but I'm going to do it the first week of Feb. Have you?
    i applied before christmas, but they said i won't hear until feb sometime
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    Hey, i'm also doing adult nursing at chelmsford in March. I got a letter today about uniform fitting which i find silly since, they could have sent it with the welcome pack so you get all the information at the same time. I applied for accommodation before xmas aswell and just waiting for the email about the outcome.
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    Hey, im also starting at anglia ruskin (chelmsford) in march to study childrens nursing! have recieved my accomodation, would love to get to know people before we start, so it isnt so daunting!
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    Hi guys, sorry I didn't realise anyone had replied!! Got the welcome letter through for the 21 March and the uniform fitting. Looks like we start on 23 March Very exciting. I live in Colchester so will be commuting to Chelmsford. Probably will have a room to rent out to if anyone is struggling to get somewhere.
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    Hello everyone, I'm just trying to find out who else is starting the Adult Nursing Course in March. I too have got into the Uni Accommodation and will be getting my keys to my flat on March 21st the day we get our Uniform... I too would like to start talking to people prior to starting especially anyone living in Accommodation (I may need some cooking advice =P, only joking)


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