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Is Your Inner Butt Crack Meant To Smell Even After Washing?

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    I've noticed that even after washing thoroughly the inside of my butt crack always has some sort of smell. This is gonna sound extremely nasty but if I was to skim my finger down my crack and smell it, it would have some sort of funky scent!

    I know it is definetly not random bits of poo chunks because I clean my butthole aswell! The smell comes within a matter of hours of cleaning. Is it just sweat and skin? I'm not fat/overweight so I don't sweat crazily.

    So is this normal? Do you guys have it? It makes me self-conscious to wear G-Strings/Thongs :mad:
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    Sure its normal to have some kind of smell. Not sure how strong or bad.
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    defo troll.....
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    I think I'm going to be sick.
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    Ah, so we have a Mr. All-Knowing here right?
    ...Oh and no I am not a 'troll' *rolls eyes*

    & seriously? You're going to get sick? LOL! Grow up.
    I have to be graphic to obviously get the point across.

    Anyone else mature enough to answer my question?
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    In all seriousness... I honestly think that just by investigating your own anus so closely (using your finger as a swab? Timing the effect?) you are definitely worrying about your personal hygiene too much. I'm all for a clean butt - if I can't have a shower immediately after voiding my bowels I'll use baby wipes - but after that I'm prepared to believe I'm as clean as anyone else out there, and if they don't smell offensive then neither to I.

    So stop worrying about giving off smells. Anuses are allowed to do that. Anyone getting close enough to notice is probably going to be distracted by the other smells they were probably in that area for anyway. You're normal.
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    How do you smell your own arse?, Maybe the smell on your fingers is from cleaning it before.
    Why do you want it clean anyway, just curious :P
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    im sure its not that bad. prob just sweat. even if u dont sweat a lot u still sweat every second unless ur uber cold so obv the bacteria will cause the smell
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    (Original post by M0thership)
    How do you smell your own arse?, Maybe the smell on your fingers is from cleaning it before.
    Why do you want it clean anyway, just curious :P
    Because in all truth during oral sex, I sometimes sit on my boyfriend's face so I get a bit self-conscious about my butt area smell sometimes!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I suppose I should just stop stressing and get with the babywiping lol :rolleyes:
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    Its probably the bacteria..waste is not clean. I don't think you should be washing it, you might give yourself an infection by disrupting the bacterial balance.
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    ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha hahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaa hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahah ahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaah ahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaha hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaaha hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahah ahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahah ahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha hahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahaha hahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah ahahaahahahahahahahahahahaahahah ahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaha haha
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    Inner butt crack? As opposed to the outer one...?

    I don't know. Try not washing so vigorously? Which sounds retarded; "Not washing it so much will make it smell better (Y)", but maybe you're washing it too much... I can't think of any logic behind what I just said.
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    Eww!! Just sweat and skin bacteria. I hope you washed your finger after that and didn't go straight to your keyboard to start typing with that funky smelling hand.
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    All girls inner butt cracks smell. These are known as pheremones.These odours vary.I'm into ass worship and like to be sat on by women so my nose is between their bum cheeks. Believe me it can be a real turn on. All the women who i've engaged in with this sort of activity have had the most sexiest bum smells ,perfumy and the just washed smell at first (which isn't natural )then their private intimate ass smell comes through.This is what makes me erect. All girls have this smell!! Even Alexis Texas!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wouldn't mind kissing your ass all over! There is nothing wrong with your ass
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    Scratch and sniff. That is all.
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    "Poo chunks" actually lolling pretty hard here.
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    Sticks finger in then smells --> Ewwww --> Proceeds to wash --> Re enters with finger --> Still smells --> Ewwww

    Maybe get some stronger smelling shower gel to mask it :/ and get rid of any ass hair ? Other than that I don't know what to say :s
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    Mine smells of roses so I'm not too sure :/

    *laughs intently here*


    thats why i dont anal. im going nowhere near where poo has been. eurgh.
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