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How often do you skip uni?

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    I've missed my first one of the year so far, cos I went to the lecture building and the hall was empty. No idea where it was.
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    (Original post by Samz)
    I try not to miss them, but I have three 9am starts a week and for the life of me I struggle to wake up. I work weekends and start at 7.30am and don't find it as tough to get up as I do for uni!
    That's probably because with uni you're thinking "If I don't go I'll just have to catch up later" whereas with work you're thinking "If I don't go I'll have less money coming in and will be in trouble."

    I'm only at college atm but I find that I have more of a panic about waking up later than normal for work than I do for college.
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    I try not to as a rule. As I don't live near campus I can't meet up to work with other students on projects so I have to make the most of Lectures/seminars.
    That said I have missed lectures due to late buses/trains. Also I have skipped seminars as they have collided with last minute essay hand ins. Also I walked out of a seminar as I was getting nothing useful out of it. I even told the tutor to her face (needless to say she doesnt work there anymore).
    Think OP should have done a distance learning/OU course-wouldve saved themselves loadsa money!
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    While I won't judge, remember that you're paying to be on your course and for the lecturer's time, so by skipping lectures your effectively wasting your money.
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    I haven't missed any. All lectures are registered and are compulsory - NMC requirement for so many theory hours.
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    As much as I can while working around departmental rules about attendence.
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    I've missed one lecture and one seminar. The lecture was because I was hungover. Bad reason, I know but I got the notes from someone else so I caught up. The seminar because it was pointless. I wish I hadn't missed these two, though :/
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    I don't skip them, because I'll have to track the presentation on the website anyway to get the notes later on, so I might as well go and have the lecturer explain it them at the same time.

    My flatmates have missed a fair few, apart from one, who has to register in every lecture, I only have to register every seminar, and again I go to every one, because if I miss more than 2/3 then I fail the Module.
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    First year I probably missed half the lectures. I didn't even realise til it came to exam time and I realised I had no idea what was on half the syllabus.
    This year I think I've missed two - one because I forgot it was on and the other because it was a subject I did an essay on in first year.
    If you genuinely feel you're as well off not going to them then it doesn't matter much.
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    I only have one hour of actual lectures a week. The rest are seminars in which the attendance is compulsory. For every seminar I miss, even if I email with a reason, I lose 2% (or that is their threat anyway, I don't know how true it is, and don't particularly want to find out!) for that module. I've missed one class so far this term, because I had a hospital appointment at home, and couldn't be in both places. I'm going to miss one on Tuesday too, because he rescheduled another class and moved it to then and I can't make it, but he said he won't penalize because of the situation. But yeah... I only have 9 hours a week... so I don't really see the point in missing them!
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    (Original post by problemsolver)
    I do
    yay! I think i've missed around 3 days so far. I'm sorely tempted every morning because I have 9am's every day without fail monday to saturday. Doesn't help that in one module without fail I seem to be falling sleep after 10 mins in the lecture but I feel too guilty to skip it.
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    (Original post by whyumadtho)
    wow you should write about that in your book
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    i go to about 15% of my lectures and im in 2nd year. i just find them pointless. all lectures are on the uni website, and i find myself sitting in them not actually learning anything anyway
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    I've missed two lectures so far. One due to me misreading the timetable (also was a class test ) and another one because of an injury which caused me to be in A & E until 4am.
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    (Original post by kerily)
    I've only missed two - one because I drank some very dodgy vodka (in a club, too!) and woke up paralysed the next morning.
    So you got very drunk then...and had a bad hangover.
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    (Original post by problemsolver)
    wow you should write about that in your book
    Why do you have a problem with my consistent attendance to something for which I am paying just under £10k?
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    in my first year, i probs went to 2/3 of my lectures, went to my important core ones but skipped the others, i passed fairly easily in the end
    now in my second year, was going well first few weeks, barely missed any, did really crap in a test and started missing lectures cos i was so far behind that i wouldnt understand anything if i went, also cocked up my sleeping patterns, so this week ive missed every single one cos i havent been able to get up in time need to sort my life out :sigh:
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    (Original post by Meeee :))
    Question in the title.

    I'm in my second year and I keep missing uni. I know I really shouldn't, but I'm finding it so hard to motivate myself because I really dislike my course. I'm completely on top of all my work and when discussing uni with my friends who do go to class, I feel I know as much, if not more than them because the guilt from not going in to uni makes me do further reading to make myself feel better!
    I know which classes are really important so make the effort to go to them, I just struggle with the others. It's not like I sleep all day instead of going to uni, I do still work I just much prefer it and get on much better doing it alone or going to the library for a few hours. I'm in contact with my tutors regularly so I'm not missing out on important information that is given out.
    I was awful in first year. I would miss full weeks of lectures and went to about 3 out of 15 for one module which I ended up failing. This year I've missed a few, some 9ams due to oversleeping. But I've managed to miss a full week this week - Monday I purposely missed because I was doing coursework, and hate stopping once I've got into it lol. Wednesday I woke up at 8.55 and there was no way I was going to walk into a lecture half an hour late, because I hate the looks people get when they walk in late. And missed today due to a hangover but nvm I've been doing coursework all night to make up for it! And I do feel really guilty when I miss one due to oversleeping or something and then go to the library for hours to make up for it.
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    (Original post by simstar88)
    So you got very drunk then...and had a bad hangover.
    Nah - I'd had one single vodka and lemonade (which is categorically not enough for me to get a hangover from) and woke up legitimately paralysed from the neck down. Everyone else I knew who was out with me the same night woke up in a similar predicament. That's not a hangover - it's to do with the actual dodgy alcohol you were drinking.


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