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HELP from people who have already done gcse's or are currently taking them.

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    well i really need help in what to pick im in year nine and ive already selcted my options but im not sure if they are good. ive several people help me choose but im still not satisfied i know most of the people who use this site already have done their gcse's but im looking to have a career in science and i need advice for what i should choose. any suggestions will really help. thank you.
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    Which options did you pick? There shouldn't be too many problems switching your options now but the sooner you change them, the more likely it is that you can study them.

    If you're looking to study science, you'd ideally need Double Science. This may be studied at your school as part of the core curriculum but if one of the options available is Triple Science, I'd say go for it. This would enable you to go on and study the sciences at A-level (Biology, Chemistry, Physics), which you'd need at least two of to progress to uni, if that's what you'd so wish. It will give you a strong foundation for a future career in science and also help you see which you are more inclined towards.

    History is a good subject to have as it develops analytical skills. A modern language is increasingly sought after nowadays and so you could choose one of those if you think you'd like it. ICT is quite useful and applicable.

    I'd say if you can then study Triple Science. Then, choose the options you want to do and think you'll enjoy. If this is Art/Drama or History/Geography, go for it. GCSEs, whilst important in progressing to further education, aren't the be all end all for your future career. Focus on your core subjects and sciences if you're hoping for that career. If you change your mind further along the line, they're still useful
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    Well this has pretty much been answered
    The thing with GCSE's is that you can take anything and everything. You wanna do science so the science subjects would have to be there; so take chem, bio, phy and math. You can also widen your choices cause you might change your mind so take anything at all. Take what interests you and what you enjoy.
    Histroy, Geo, art, lit, language, economics, socio gosh there are so many options! Take a language to help you later
    REally just take what you know you'll need and what you might enjoy. You have two years to do it all so it won't be a crazy workload
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    what have you taken? Obviuosly triple science will help you and also I recommend a language.
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    If you want to study science, triple science is ideal but double science will suffice. I'd do both maths as well - the additional will really help with A-level maths (which in turn is good for a science-related degree). English will be mandatory, but if literature isn't I'd go for it. A language is always useful to have. As for anything else then really I'd look at an artsy subject or two, maybe history, geography or classical civilisation if that's your sort of thing.

    It's important to have a good mix in case you suddenly decide you hate science and want to study something not science-related.
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    IT DOESN'T MATTER, IT'S ONLY GCSE OPTIONS FFG. Definitely do triple science, though.
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    It really doesn't matter even what grades you get at GCSE as long as they're quite a way above average for your school even the top unis do not care. But if you for example want to take science at UNI, triple science is a must if it's available.

    Oh and make sure to take a humanity and a language, traditionally, history or georgraphy and french, german, or spanish.

    Don't stress GCSE's don't matter! In fact you can even take subjcets at A-level even if you haven't taken the GCSE!


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