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What happens if I dont give my textbook back to sixth form?

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    (Original post by Emilycunningham)
    I have quite a few textbooks to give back to my sixth form, but I literally cannot be bothered to go in and give them back. What can they actually do if I dont give them back, they said Ill be fined, but they cant exactly enforce that fine if Im not going there anymore right?
    Just return them. They are not yours to keep. Doesn't matter if you've finished college, theft is theft.

    Each place has their own rules but I got this email about unreturned library books:

    Please note that students who remain debtors to the College at the time of the requisite examination board in June 2016 will not have their results considered through the formal examination boards. This would result in no transcript being generated; and indeed no formal certificate being conferred through the Pearson awarding body. The Academic Advice and Guidance handbook states this.

    (Original post by Emilycunningham)
    The point is I want to know what would happen if I dont return my textbooks, not anyones opinion on whether I should or shouldnt- I dont need a moral highground lecture
    Do a small experiment, borrow books from your local library and don't return them, the two actions are roughly equivalent

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    (Original post by Emilycunningham)
    Well technically they cannot make me pay so
    You asked what would happen, we told you if you don't want to listen to us then fine, it's your own consequences and problems.

    Considering you don't want to go because you can't be bothered then that's not a fair excuse, I have mobility issues and health problems and I still managed to do it after I finished my exams..

    Just do it..it's not rocket science... some people need them books and you're just keeping them because you can't be bothered... honestly. ..

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    (Original post by Abstract_Prism)
    Not really.
    Explain then.

    (Original post by Emilycunningham)
    Well technically they still cant do anything so
    Why not?

    You have their property.
    You have no right to keep it, but by doing so it amounts to theft.

    You will have agreed to certain rules when you joined as will your parents.

    They cna pursue you for their property or the cost of replacement.

    I suggest you take on abstract prsim as your legal counsel and he seems to support your view that they cant do anything to recover their property.
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Updated: July 7, 2016
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