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What would you do in this situation?

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    I've been with my boyfriend for little over a year,we're both in our early twenties & we work at the same place and spend a lot of time with each other (but don't live together). A week ago I went to visit my parents in another city for a week and the night I came back he was acting extra nice and I just assumed he missed me a lot. Skip forward to later that night where he got a little drunk, he asked me whether or not I would consider marrying him. He then continued to confess that while I was away a girl had come into our workplace and asked him if she could go home with him. He had told her to wait for him outside and was ready to take her to MY house and sleep with her. But then decided that he would feel too guilty so he blew her off. I can't help but feel betrayed, I know he didn't physically cheat on me, but I just feel like he was being super nice and had asked me to marry him because of his guilt. I don't think I can trust him right now, It even hurts me to think of that night and what was going on in his mind. So what would you do? Would you talk to him and tell him how you feel? Or would break up with him?

    In your shoes I would honestly tell him what you feel. Maybe he decides to break up with you - so maybe you're not right for each other. If he stays and does something similar, you can call it off. If you find that the lack of trust is too much, you can call it off. Remember, it's well within your rights to admit something isn't working, and since you're in your early 20s it's not like he'll be the last person to ever want to date you

    I wouldn't do what any of us say because this is your life and your boyfriend, but I'd suggest not breaking up with him yet. Ask him why he made the leap from possibly cheating to marriage. He might be going through a period of confusing emotions. He could be really guilty about the thought of almost cheating with you and might feel just as bad as you about it. Trust is important in a relationship, but so is communication. Talking is always the first step, and through talking you find that the 'solution' or next step is a break up, maybe.

    Also ask why he was willing to cheat at the start. It's usually a problem he is facing, not that he thinks you are not enough or doesn't love you anymore.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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