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hey its me...erm..unregistered...i sent u a msg, but its under the p2 edexcel section, thought u might never read it so figured a msg with ur user name might grab ur attention!!!
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Cheers for the personal, glad you are happy that you second integration question will score well. I have been looking at your first integration question and have come up with the following:

You got 8ln2 as such you must have put in the correct limits.

I think you have squared the function correctly to get 1 + 8/x + 16/x^2. Now looking at the number part, it seems you have a fraction which you would not get from the correct integration, this leads me to believe that you integrated the final term of the function wrongly or started seeing a 10 instead of a 16, either way these are minor errors. They may cost 1 or 2 marks but no more, you see you have shown you know how to do the question but have made an arithmetical error (lose 1 mark for answer), if it was an incorrect answer and a bad integral for one of the terms (lose 2 marks). Only you will know which is what happened to you. I reckon you still get at least 5/7 on this part as your answer is so close to what is needed, and it is in the right format
PI(k+qln2) So in closing, chill, be cool, be happy, you did good.

All the best, Dan
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