Does access to your medical records pose a security risk?

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    Hello everyone!

    As we enter the era of digital healthcare, I've made a survey to gather basic attitudes towards the role of tech in healthcare (you can contribute your views here

    The strongest comment regarding the features of a healthcare app was about your medical record:

    "definitely NOT medical records... a security risk"

    But guess what the funny thing about that is ( far, as the responses are still being collected): the single most wanted feature in digital healthcare, amongst things like fitness data integration, lifestyle info, private clinics, etc. is access to your medical record.

    Do you agree? Remember you can skew this data still at the survey link:

    wel no, it's a major concern. do you want people knowing if you have the flu? or something more serious?

    people want to have access to their own records
    people want everybody to have access to their records

    Yes, as always putting data online, or even storing it digitally on a machine that's part of a network poses a security risk. That's not to say that storing paper copies only is safe though. Paper copies come with their own benefits and drawbacks.

    In general the drawbacks of having digitally accessible healthcare records do not outweigh the benefits. Specifically instant access to information the moment you need it can save lives. Not having access to medical records (so they're a paper copy in an office somewhere else) hurts far more people than it helps.

    Yes there are security risks and you'd assume that appropriate security measures are taken. But in the event someone needs to see my medical records I want them accessible as soon as possible. And the only way you can do that realistically is to make them digitally accessible.

    However the extent to which they're accessible can be called into question. I don't really need access to my medical records via an app on my phone. Neither does a doctor, surgeon, etc. (they should have other methods to access records).

    But another way to look at it is through other important applications like banking. How many of us have a banking app on our phone that we trust? How often do we hear about them being hacked?

    There's a lot of important factors to consider. In general medical records should be accessible digitally and instantly to those that need them.
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Updated: September 23, 2016
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