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Sainsbury's VS M&S- who's cheaper to shop at?

Trying to complete a weekly food shop on a tight budget as a student can be difficult sometimes. My go-to shop is Sainsbury’s as it is the closest to my student accommodation, however, I have started to be tempted by M&S. I associate M&S with premium products at a high-end price, but I have started to realise that their prices have become a lot like other supermarkets and sometimes even cheaper while still better quality!! Let’s have a look at some of the comparisons of prices between the two.

As a student I tend to buy classic items every week such as milk, eggs, bagels, cucumber, berries, tomatoes, cheese, yogurt, mince, tortilla wraps, houmous and garlic bread. Here I will compare the prices between Sainsbury’s and M&S.

Sainsbury’s M&S
Milk £1.25 £1.25
6x eggs £1.45 £1
Bread 75p 65p
Cucumber 79p 80p
Berries (strawberries) £1.90 £2.10
6x tomatoes 85p 75p
Block of cheddar cheese £3.33 £2.50
yogurt 95p 75p
Mince meat £3.30 £3.50
Tortilla wraps £1.20 £1.15
Garlic bread £1 £1
Baked beans 44p 50p
Spaghetti 95p 95p
Biscuits (custard creams) 30p 30p

As you can see there are some items where Sainsbury’s is cheaper but quite a lot of items are also cheaper in M&S. Why not try out M&S for cheaper and better-quality food! M&S have a huge food selection in Kingston and a smaller shop in Surbiton, so it is easy to shop at and not out of your way.

Happy shopping!!
Yasmin (BA design marketing)

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