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Physics 9702 CIE Practical Lab For Private Candidates

Physics 9702 CIE A Level Practical Lab for private candidates Hi, I am in a predicament about physics a level composite (accelerated) which I am giving as a private candidate this October November 2023. Don’t know what to do about the practicals. I have watched all ETPhysics videos about lab practicals. Should I join a college to do the lab or just buy the equipment and do some experiments? The college costs $1500 for 2 months. On the contrary the equipments costs $100 and I can perform some of the experiments at home. Equipment includes multimeter, crocodile clips, resistors, cell holders, cells, micrometer screw gauge, vernier caliper and retort stand. I just don’t want to get in a situation where my grade gets effected. I am already done with the following a levels Maths, Further Maths, Computer Science and Thinking Skills with A*, A*, A and A. Just debating on whether I should pay the college or save financially provided my grade is not effected. I am getting anxious about it as exams are approaching near. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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