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Original post by Jamalisanonion
i took 8 subjects
Arabic A
Business studies 7
Literature in english 7
Biology 8
Physics 9
Maths 9
chemistry 9
English First Language 5

A levels
Physics B
Biology A
Chemistry A*
Maths A*

Actual Grades
Physics A
Biology A*
Chemistry A*
Maths A*

These are my grades, the lowest i got is in english language and thats whats making me very worried, do you think doing the IELTS exam will compensate for that grade or should i retake the subject?

thanks for reading :smile:

The answer to your question is… depends on the medical schools’s selection process
Each medical school has a different selection process, with focus on different parts of your application
For example:
You have your personal statement, gcse grades, A Level predicted grades, Entrance exam score (UCAT) + band…
For example
State gcse english language 4… so it is easy to imagine that they are not too focused on your gcse grades
But other medical schools, such as Nottingham are.
Want english language 6 minimum so you cannot apply for Nottingham
As your gcse’s are scored out of 32 points
UCAT for 60 points
UCAT band for 60 points

GCSE scores
Grade Points
9 or A* 4
8 3
7 or A 2
6 or B 1

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