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    Hey TSR!
    I got 2A* 3A 2B 2C and I want to got for medicine. What did you get and what do you want to study in University.

    1 A*, 4 A's, 4 B's, 3 C's and I want a career in the medical profession.

    Ensure you apply at the right university - certainly not Birmingham/Oxbridge. You also need to get those A-level grades and Work Experience.

    OT: Trolls come out this time of year and post fake results, don't be put off.

    5 A*s 3 As and 2 Bs - Unlike many I don't want to do medicine

    My A*s:
    English Literature
    English Language
    Religious Studies

    ever since i was 1 year old it has been my life long dream to work in a big investment bank and do some investment banking, maybe i'll work for the UN on saturdays for a bit of extra, and as a surgeon on sundays. this is the bare minimum i expect from my future career

    now i just can't go on. i only got 14 A*s and an A. i'm so depressed i can't go on. i might not get into oxford, or god forbid even into some lesser uni like warwick. im going to be a failure for the rest of my life

    1A* 4A 4B 1C

    Trying to get into medicine or Physics

    I got 1A*, 6 As, 5Bs and one C.. hopefully the B in Bio would turn into an A after the remark!

    And I want to medicine too

    8 A*s and 2 As! I wanna be a nurse

    EDIT: negged for good results. Either that or someone hates nurses.

    There's already a thread for this.

    Anyway, English Lit: b (expected b)
    Law: c (expected c)
    History B1: a (expected c)
    History B3: a* (expected c)
    Geography Higher: b (expected b)
    R.E 1: a (expected a)
    R.E 2: a* (expected a)
    Drama: a (expected a/a*)
    The following results are old ones that I'm currently at:
    Physics: a
    Biology: a
    Chemistry: a
    English lang: a/borderline a*
    Maths: b/borderline a
    Spanish: a*
    German: God knows! My teacher says I can achieve an a*, although we haven't received any results!
    ASDAN/COPE Award: Distinction (bb)

    I want to study History in University

    1 A*, 8 A's and a C in French
    I want to study Law at Uni

    English Lit: A*
    English Language: A
    History: A*
    French: A
    Math: C
    Science Double Award: CC
    Drama: C
    Economics: B

    Don't know what I want to do with my life yet, but I'll definitely be a writer on the side. History of Art?

    10A*'s, 1A... A-level: 4 A's... Thing is. Life isn't all about results. You can have a gazillion A*'s, and still not get into medicine (I want to do medicine btw), due to some random issue. Make sure to remember of the whole picture, not just results. Results get you sorted from the rest of the pack which apply to your course as well. But in the current climate of GCSE's and A-levels getting easier, you must have something apart from grades to set you apart from the crowd, because they will have the same results as you.

    Concerning medicine:
    - Ace the UKCAT/BMAT
    - Get some work shadowing/volunteering
    - Read up on basic medical knowledge
    - Write a good personal statement (TSR will help you with this)
    - Do some prep for the interview, but not too much.

    I got 7A* 4A 1B 2C quite happy with that, reckon it's good for unis like Warwick, imperial and cambridge?

    5 A*s, 2 As and 4 Bs. I don't know what I'll be doing. Not Medicine, but something in the science department


    Biology A*
    Chemistry A*
    Physics A*
    Mathematics B A*
    English Language B B
    Accounting A*
    Economics A

    Can anyone tell me if this is good enough for LSE?

    5A*s and 5As at IGCSE - I'm not sure how IGCSEs compare to GCSEs, they're suppose to prepare you better for A-level and anyway; well done to everyone and goodluck for those wishing to do medicine... I have no idea what I want to do yet. :/ xxxx

    (Original post by TheMJCG)
    Hey TSR!
    I got 2A* 3A 2B 2C and I want to got for medicine. What did you get and what do you want to study in University.
    I want to study medicine at uni too and I got 9 A*s and 4 distinction*s
    Well done everyone

    I got 4A*'s and 8A's

    EDIT: A year on and still getting negs? Wow!

    I got 6A*'S and 3A's at GCSE

    Hopefully It would be enough to study Law at Cambridge

    11A*s, 1A (which the whole year is getting remarked - AQA Drama), an A in FSMQ Additional Maths and an A in my French AS-Speaking.

    Why so many negs?

    I'm still getting negs ONE YEAR LATER?

    Best not add that I got 6As at AS...!
Updated: August 23, 2013
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