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AS results-are they good enough?

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    hello everyone! Just want some advice if you have the time!
    So today I collected my AS result, I got an A in psychology, B in biology and chemistry and a C in maths, not quite the results I was expecting. My only ambition is to study veterinary medicine next year, which I need minimum AAB/AAA (with the a's in biology and chemistry), so do people think that that is achievable? Obviously your A2 results are down to more then AS results but I would just like to hear any other opinions. Anyone else feel free to post their results and discuss anything about them! Hope everyone got what they wanted today ❤️

    Hi there, sorry to hear that your results aren't quite what you were expecting. Not all is lost, though! Usually teachers are content to predict you up to one grade above what you achieved at AS, so in your case this would be A*AA, plenty good enough to apply to vet med. If you think that your teachers might not be content to predict you higher than you achieved this time then make sure you start speaking to them as soon as possible to explain what you're applying for and why you need reasonably high predictions.

    I do think that bringing your grades up will be achievable, especially since chemistry A2 builds directly on AS so you'll be expected to remember everything you learnt at AS. I found that my understanding of AS topics improved as I progressed through A2 You're in the fortunate position of not having to retake I believe, if your AS results don't count towards your full A level any more, so you have fewer exams to worry about.

    Best of luck with your application
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Updated: August 19, 2016
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