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    One of my best mates at Uni was accused of rape a few years ago. He went on a night out, met a girl, had a few drinks, went back to hers and had sex. She later went to the police and said that she'd been raped.

    Why did she do it? She had a boyfriend, he found out she'd come home with another guy and instead of admitting that she shagged another bloke she told him that she just wanted to hang out but he raped her.

    She later got cold feet and withdrew the accusations, however if you google his name the first half dozen results are all articles about how he was accused for rape. The first result about how the accusations were withdrawn isn't until page 3. He's been fired from jobs because colleagues have seen stories about the allegations and management have decided to let him go as a result, he's been dumped by girlfriends because friends of theirs have sent them a story about the rape allegations, he's had landlords refuse to rent to him because they did their own background check and saw the allegations and decided he wasn't somebody they wanted to rent to. In short, he's suffered a lot because of these allegations.

    Now sure, the fact that she withdrew the allegations doesn't prove that she made them up, she could have just got cold feet and decided she didn't want to go through with it. However I've seen texts that she sent him the next morning, things along the lines of "had a great time last night, love to do it again some time" and various other things which clearly show that she wasn't raped. You know what the police did when he showed them these texts after the accusations were made? Nothing, they flat out ignored them.

    The fact of the matter is that the system at the moment makes it far too easy for somebody to make false rape allegations that effectively ruin an innocent persons life and get away with it, the system needs to be changed and there needs to be a real punishment in place.

    Now I'm not saying that if a woman accuses a man of rape and he's found not guilty that she should be punished, of course not. I'm saying that in the same way that the man has to be found guilty "beyond all reasonable doubt" in order to be sentenced, the woman should have to be found guilty "beyond all reasonable doubt" of making false accusations of rape, however if it is proven that she made them up then she should face the same sentence that the accused male would receive if he were found guilty of her rape.
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