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    Definitely something fishy about all of this, they should never of left these children alone in a foreign country in the first place. If young Madeleine was actually taken, surely the abductor/abductors would of attempted to take the two other sleeping youngsters also?

    These parents certainly have some sort of involvement in this.

    (Original post by SCIENCE :D)
    Regardless of what happened, why have they never been charged with neglect?
    Because in Portugal there has to be evidence that Maddie has come to harm for there to be a neglect charge. It’s why the phrase about their being no evidence she came to harm, was regularly said by the McCanns during interviews.

    I think that an accident happened whilst they were at dinner. They came back and it was too late.

    I also think the amount of money spent on this case, is insulting to those families who children are missing and had little to no money spent N investigations.

    (Original post by es017)
    Does anyone else think that the parents killed her (accidentally) or that there’s something bigger involved? The story doesn’t add up and I was wondering what other people’s opinions are
    Who knows if they did or didn't. All I know is that they lost their daughter due to their negligence. Were this any other family id bet they'd be facing charges.

    Regardless they lost their daughter and they gotta live with that. Nor do I think its wise that tax payers money should be spent on any more searches for her. I am much more concerned with tacking pedo grooming gangs and increased knife crime than looking for a girl who is likely dead.

    (Original post by es017)
    Does anyone else think that the parents killed her (accidentally) or that there’s something bigger involved? The story doesn’t add up and I was wondering what other people’s opinions are
    Look up Bella Fiori on YouTube she made a whole video about it and her theories
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    looking through documentaries and theories I am utterly confused but I do believe that her parents (Kate and Gerry) might have overdosed her accidently on sleeping aids but at the same time there is so many unanswered questions eg; where is the body? what about the sightings?
    but I feel that there could easily be a bigger conclusion right in front of detectives eyes. A Lot of people have suggested 'sex rings' or 'child sex slavery' and at the moment and with how many years have gone by I feel that they are more likely the case but there is so much evidence pointing towards the parents eg; the sniffer dogs finding traces of blood in the apartment and in the car and the whole timeline of the night.
    However the other week I was reading a news article and a theory pooped into my head that what if she was stolen for a childless couple? Leading up to the days of her disappearance, two dutch or german men were spottened around the resort. What if they were scouters, people used to find and kidnap the perfectly described child for the couple that hired them. It does fit in perfectly with timeline and the fact that there is rumors that maddie saw someone else in the apartment the night before.

    (Original post by LaurenAlysArtist)
    To my knowledge and boredom of watching millions of documentaries/theories, here’s what I (personally) think happened...

    Both parents are General Practitioners, meaning they could get hold of some sleeping tablets. On the night they went out, they accidentally overdosed Madeline and one of the side effects was internal bleeding and she basically drowned in her own blood.

    When the investigation was underway, the police hired two sniffer dogs who in their career have NEVER gotten a single case wrong. They could smell death in the apartment as well as the car that they rented for the holiday.

    I do believe this is an accident, but, the McCanns need to own up.


    Having followed this from the day it happened and reading all available material over the last 11 years, including the original police files, statements etc I think this is what happened.

    All of the parents in the "Tapas 9" where routinely sedating their children at night during the holiday so they could eat and drink in peace in the evenings.

    Madeleine was accidentally given too high a dose and died probably on the night of 2nd May 2007. The parents discovered she had died some time either during the night of 2nd May or in the morning of 3rd May 2007 and involved the other parents in their discovery.

    After much debate the 9 adults knew that if an autopsy where carried out on Madeleines body that the drug used would be detected in her system and collectively decided that none of them could risk all the children having toxicology tests after the fact.

    Their jobs, child custody, reputations, criminal records, jail time, finances, etc would all be devastated beyond repair. They subsequently decided to dispose of Madeleines body. Together they then concocted the "abduction" story along with the half hourly checks account to solidify their stated time line. At the same time making their infamous "pact of silence"

    They met as usual on the night of the 3rd and acted as normally as they could and then put into action their routine of “checking the kids”

    Jane Tanner was given the task of reporting the sighting of a man carrying a child in order to divert the early attention and police investigation. Gerry McCann went into overdrive and alerted the media at his earliest opportunity despite repeated calls not to do so by the PJ. This, clearly, was another diversion tactic. And it worked.

    Some three weeks after the 3rd May the McCanns hired a car and moved Madeleines body. This probably occurred during the McCanns trip to Spain where there are 2 hours unaccounted for and 1,700KM on the hire car also unaccounted for. This explains the cadaver dog and the blood dog’s positive hit on the car. (it should be noted that several witness’ have stated the hire car was parked outside the McCann’s residence with the boot open for several days)

    After this the circus just carried on and most likely will do for a very long time yet.

    It is my belief that Madeleine's body will never be found and that the parents will never face prosecution. I believe all of the adults on this holiday, the “Tapas 9” are guilty in hiding the truth from the world and from the police.
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