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Eurovision 2023 Discussion thread!

:popout: Eurovision is calling!
Welcome all to this year’s Eurovision chat along thread!
This year’s Eurovision is taking place in Liverpool, UK :party:

What we know:

When are the events?
Semi Final 1: Tuesday 9th May 2023 - BBC 1 @8pm
Semi Final 2: Thursday 11th May 2023 - BBC 1 @8pm
Grand Final: Saturday 13th May 2023 - BBC 1 @8pm

How to watch: BBC/YouTube
*A TV license is required to watch BBC live broadcasts

Who's excited? :excited: :ahee:
What's your favourite entry so far? :hmmm:
Do you have a top 5? top 10? top 20? feel free to post it!
Do you have any favourite entries from previous years?
Thoughts on this years UK entry?
Who will WIN? :iiam:
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Quoting all posters in last year's thread :teeth:

6 minutes until the start of Semi-Final 1 :dance:


Moved to TV shows :hugs:

But yes i am excited

And drowning in exam revision

time to procrastinate :woo:
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I love that theme tune… :love:
EUROVISION :nyan: I loved “Space man” (England last year). I also “Somebody give that wolf a banana!” (Norway last year), I was laughing so much.
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Firstly, the eyebrows on that guitarists
Second, I am enjoying the stage layout
And now we can see why Hannah is hosting...
I didn’t know Alesha Dixon was a Eurovision fan.
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Definitely NOT a fan of the flickering graphics
Norway: very Annie Lennox
Prediction : Norway to the final
Original post by 04MR17
Definitely NOT a fan of the flickering graphics

This is when i discover that its probably for the best i didn’t end up getting tickets, because of that :lol:
Norway: 6/10
Malta, a BTEC Moldova sax guy
Malta Overdone it with the set

Prediction: won't make the final, but will be close
Serbia were aiming for featuring in a Twilight mood album
I hope the creators of Monster Mash receive royalties for Serbia's choreography
Latvia: loving this!

I hope this does really well.

Definitely a predicted finalist for me
Portugal have taken heavy inspiration from Chicago

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