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engineering aqa gcse coursework 2024

hi, i'm doing my engineering course work and this is the task:


A changing population is living longer and wanting to live
as independently as possible. Devices that allow people to
continue to live in their own homes by assisting in everyday
tasks are becoming more popular.

Engineers have devised a variety of solutions to enable
people to continue to live independently.
These solutions help with tasks such as retrieval of objects,
dressing, aiding mobility or memory and taking medication.

Below is a problem that engineers face on a day-to-day
basis. Your task is to identify a solution to the problem
outlined below and to engineer a device or system that
would help to support independent living.

In addition to the problem, there are three examples of how
the problem could be solved. You can choose a solution
from this list, or you can create your own.

Your solution must include both mechanical and electronic
components to provide an integrated device


Many people need reliable devices to help improve their
independent living or to cope with medical conditions.
Your task is to engineer a device or system that would help
support independent living.

I am a bit stuck on any ideas so any help would be greatly appreciated
I have also had the same problem with my coursework, but my advice is try to keep it simple and not to overthink it, otherwise you are going to struggle to make the product by the deadline. Hope this helps

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