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The best marvel movie/series of movies and why?

I with my full heart believe that The Guardians of The Galaxy films are the best in the MCU for the following reasons:
1. An amazing soundtrack with classic songs which will now be immortalised in pop culture
2. Characters which are all likable in their own respects, who are relatable and make for great comedy
3.Great story with a BEAUTIFUL complete ending with few if any plot holes
4. great comedy. Enough said

I am curious what others believe so started this thread. There are NO wrong answers except Eternals :^)))
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The only Marivel thing I have ever enjoyed is Deadpool. The rest I hate. I hate superhero stuff in general, really.
Not a big fan tbh of Marvel films
The herbie films are the best
One Word: Deadpool

Full length of the film is appropriate to the black, sarcastic and ironic humor of the anti-hero and the simple stupid plot. The film makes so much fun, no matter how often I rewatch it.
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