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Ways to keep warm on a budget in student accommodation

If your accommodation is anything like mine then chances are it is freezing cold! Especially now as winter is here, it’s a good time to take extra measures to try and stay warm without racking up a massive bill.

Fortunately there are a number of ways to stay snuggly in student accommodation that will work even if your radiator is broken!

Using things you most likely already have is a great start, a warm drink of your choice is super effective in bringing up your internal body temperature and if you have a warm pair of pyjamas or fluffy socks definitely dig them out.

For those of you with little budget, get yourself down to Kingston centre and look at getting yourself a dressing gown or a hot water bottle or even hand warmers (all three if you want to splash out!). These items are inexpensive and can be a great quick and easy way to warm you up whether you’re in your room or with a friend in your accommodation. The hand warmers can also be popped in your gloves on the way to uni to stop your hands from getting stung by the cold!

And if you’re looking for a bit more of an investment, maybe look into an electric blanket or mini heater so you can avoid a high gas bill! Both can be bought online for around 20 pounds but then can be used even after uni wherever you end up. Just remember to use both with caution as both can come with risks if not used properly!

If you have any tips make sure to share them down in the comments, it’s super important to stay warm and cozy in these cold months and may even help you relax if uni is stressful for you at the moment!

-Yasmin (Kingston Rep)

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