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Privately giving GCSE exams and need your advice!

I'm giving GCSEs privately as I arrived in the uk in December and haven't been in education for 2 years
I'm 16 years old. I've enrolled into GCSE English and Maths and will self study. Exams are in like 5 months and I wanna know what is good study material for a self studying candidate in my situation. I've not been studying for a while but I'm pretty smart and was a straight a student. I'm aiming for A* grades and I don't think it's too ambitious for me. I want to know what is good study material for exams. I know about revision guides like CGP & and past papers but online people aare suggesting that for the best grades, it's simply not enough and too "reduced" or simplified. I know about textbooks but what exactly are they? Sorry I'm not too familiar with educational terminology in the uk. Like they're not course books are they? Why would I need those, or do I? Lol I'm not sure.

So in accordance to my aims & my circumstances, what is good study material to self study with (if past papers and Revision Guides aren't enough for the best grades)? I'm studying English and Maths (I wasn't given the opportunity to give exams for any other subjects because I'm so late even though I wanted to do sciences 😭) and the awarding body is AQA. Thanks guys in advance
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all of those text basically act as an revision guide, if it’s overwhelm you too much watch students on Tiktok and YouTube they usually give the best tips. Also past paper is very useful love as u comprehend the revision that you study time by time. Use it to practice your knowledge specially maths.

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