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Anyone had offers for rooms?

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    I have an offer of Senghennydd Hall first floor, flat 2, room 3. When the say first floor they don't mean ground floor right? Also - if you accept are you committing to any payments?
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    First Floor is above ground floor, they are not the same thing.

    Yes. From the Cardiff Residences website,

    "Your online Offer of Residence consists of the following information:

    Residences Agreement
    Residential Terms & Conditions
    Arrival Information
    Paying for Residences Guidelines

    Once you have accepted your Offer of Residence, your room will be reserved for you and you will receive an email confirming this.

    You will be offered a place for a set residential period and once you accept your Offer of Residence, you become liable for the fees and associated charges for the residential period stated on your Residences Agreement."
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    Yes, I got an offer today for taly court (my 1st choice)! Third floor, so I am very happy with that (didn't want to be on the bottom floor, with noise etc...) So chuffed, can't wait!!
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    Oooh, I had an offer today!!

    Talybont South; First Floor, Flat 1, Room 5! So excited!!
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    (Original post by azure_butterfly)
    Oooh, I had an offer today!!

    Talybont South; First Floor, Flat 1, Room 5! So excited!!
    Room party every night, all year round.....Talybont South; First Floor, Flat 1, Room 5! :bban:
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    I got my offer yesterday so excited. Its House 5 Second Floor Flat 2!! anyone else?
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    Gordon Hall, first floor =)
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    I'm going into my 3rd year and I worked for Cardiff Uni Residences for a year; if anyone has any questions about the rooms/uni/Cardiff give me a shout
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    No, I have been told all thats available is accomodation outside the student dorms..... can anyone advise on whats available in cardiff? as im from birmingham. Thanks


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