How to win a top prize with TSR HIVE

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Get writing for your chance to bag great prizes

Our TSR HIVE competition is in full swing and—with the closing date not until the end of February—everyone has a great chance to win brilliant prizes including a MacBook Pro. 

HIVE is a brand-new feature on The Student Room that enables any TSR member to create and publish their own articles.

We’re celebrating the launch of HIVE with the following prizes for authors of winning articles published before 28 February.

Prize Category

Apple MacBook Pro

Most popular article

Freelance writing contract plus £300 Amazon voucher

Best-written article

£150 Amazon voucher

Best-written article in university category (or sub-categories)

£150 Amazon voucher

Best-written article in revision category (or sub-categories)

£150 Amazon voucher

Best-written article in life category (or sub-categories)

Look interesting? Here's where you can find the HIVE tool and here are six tips to help you win.

1. Write about what you know

What do you do with your time? What have you experienced? What have you learned? Whether you’ve just come back from a gap year, you’ve graduated from university or you’ve just chosen your GCSE options, you have a story that other students want to read about.

Think about the stories you can tell about yourself or the things that you're knowledgeable about. If you can write with authority about something, people will want to read it.

2. Get started straight away

Every story starts with a single word. Don’t worry about writing the whole article in one go - get started with just a couple of lines if you prefer. You can save your article as a draft at any time and then publish it when you are ready. Every TSR member gets their own page that shows their published and unpublished articles; you can find your articles page here

3. Write an article in one of the prize categories

Our two main prizes will be awarded to articles published in any category. But we also have three further prizes for specific categories. Create an article in one of these three categories and you’ll be eligible for both the main prizes and the relevant category prize.

This category covers anything to do with university. You might share the personal statement that helped to secure you a place. You might write a review of the best bars in your student city. Maybe you want to write a review of the course you’re studying. Think about what your fellow students would find interesting, or perhaps what would have been useful to you when you were applying.

Help other people with their revision. General revision tips are great, but so are guides to specific topics. If you’ve made some brilliant notes to help you study that tricky biology topic, share them here to help the rest of the community.

What do you get up to when you’re not studying? Movie reviews, fashion advice, travelling tips - anything’s fair game in the life category.

4. Don’t worry about writing thousands of words

This isn’t an essay-writing competition; the best articles won’t necessarily be the longest. If you’ve got an idea for a great article that can be covered in just 350 words, go for it.

5. Tell everyone about your article

This is going to be the key to winning our main prize, an Apple MacBook Pro. To win this prize, you want your HIVE article to be the one that’s read by the most people in a single week. The more people who read your article, the more chance you have of claiming the big prize. So share it on Facebook. Post it on Twitter. Start up a thread in the TSR forums. We’ll be updating you with the current leaders throughout the competition.

6. Write more than one article

There’s no limit on the number of articles you can create in TSR HIVE. The more articles you publish, the more chances you’ll have to win.

Starting next week (21 January), we'll be publishing weekly round-ups of the most popular HIVE articles. Look out for these weekly updates to see how close you are to winning a prize.

In the meantime, here's where you can find more information about the competition and the prizes on offer, and here's the HIVE tool where you can get started.

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