How to publish your own articles on The Student Room

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Share your writing with the world using The Student Room's Hive tool

If you're a member of The Student Room, you're able to add your own articles to the site.

We call this feature Hive , and it's available for anyone to use. You just need to be logged into The Student Room.

Getting started is easy: just go to the article creation page on Hive.

Once you've loaded up the page, you'll see two boxes - one is where you type your article's title, the other is where you type the article itself.

While you're working on the article, you'll see a button bar which you can use to format your text. Using this, you can add emphasis to text with bold and italics, add images to illustrate your article or add links to other pages.

When you're all done with your piece, choose the 'student articles' category for it from the drop-down list and hit 'submit'. That's it - your article will now be published on The Student Room.

Need a bit of inspiration to help you get started? Here are six quick tips.

1. Write about what you know

What do you do with your time? What have you experienced? What have you learned? Whether you’ve just come back from a gap year, you’ve graduated from university or you’ve just chosen your GCSE options, you have a story that other students want to read about.

Think about the stories you can tell about yourself or the things that you're knowledgeable about. If you can write with authority about something, people will want to read it.

2. Get started straight away

Every story starts with a single word. Don’t worry about writing the whole article in one go - get started with just a couple of lines if you prefer. You can save your article as a draft at any time and then publish it when you are ready. Every member of The Student Room gets their own page that shows their published and unpublished articles; you can find your articles page here

3. Don’t worry about writing thousands of words

You don't need to write a full-blown essay; the best articles aren't always the longest. If you’ve got an idea for a great article that can be covered in just 350 words, go for it.

4. Tell everyone about your article

Once you've published your piece, don't forget to share! Let people know about your article. Share it on your socials. Start up a thread in The Student Room forums. 

5. Write more than one article

There’s no limit on the number of articles you can create in Hive. Whatever's on your mind, write about it!

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