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I'm currently in Year 11 and would like to pursue a career in Medicine - I'm particulary interested in surgery.

Obviously when you finish your GCSE exams you have a really long summer and in that I would like to do some work experiece because I know you need to do a lot for a medicine career as there is a lot of competiton.

So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on things I could start doing in summer to stand out when it comes to uni applications? I know it is very early to start thinking about uni but I know how much competition there is for spaces on courses!

I know that obviously going to hospitals and doctors sugeries is a good idea and I do have a few lined up but I was wondering if there was anything quite unique that I could do to stand out? Whether work experience or clubs etc etc.

I do DofE and I've done Bronze and I am planning to do Silver and Gold too as well as NCS? (I think that's what it is called?)

Thankyou to anyone who gives any ideas or help!
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(Original post by fizahhasan)
I'm going to be pursuing medicine too when I'm older and I'm in Y11 so hopefully, we can help each other out!
We've got our Work Experience with school soon and since I'm born on 1 July I can't go to a GP or any hospital since I'm too young, you have to be 16 and older. I'm going to work elsewhere, consider your age but maybe you could help out with X-Rays at your local hospital? I think we're too young for the surgical part. You could also help out at schools with children of special needs or other disabilities? Or maybe you could try a care home? I think they take into consideration the Work Experience you've done recently so I wouldn't worry about it too much now and maybe when Year 12 and 13 come around.

I'm also thinking about doing the NCS too but that starts in the Summer, I would consider doing it this summer because next summer you may be doing the Work Experience. it looks great on Personal Statements.

Hope this helps?
Sorry for the late reply!
Yes we just has our Work Experience and I went to a school, I was thinking of doing NCS too becasue it sounds so fun!
Tankyou so much this has really helped!
Good Luck!

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