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The Maths Forum Index!

Here you will find an index of some of the most popular threads suited to your study level. We encourage you to create new threads if you want to ask maths questions but you may also like to post in one of the threads below where you can ask questions, help others or maybe just have a chat about maths!

Don't know where to start?
Well you've certainly come to the right place!
The Maths Forum is sort of unique on TSR in that it is a very popular area in Study Help - It has the most questions and helpers out of all the academic help forums! A special set of guidelines have been set out for the forum, so it would probably be a good idea to read those before posting to ensure you don't make any slip-ups! Find them here!

Here in Maths we're quite fond of our formatting, and we know it makes it a lot easier for people to help you out if they can read your questions easily! We like to use something called LaTeX to make all of our formulas and equations look nice, it would be worth checking out how to use this before posting to make it easier on the amazing helpers we have around here. Here's the guide!

Looking for exam discussion threads? Maths Exams is where you want to be

Want to learn about taking GCSE or A level maths, or the changes for the new specification for A level? Read this thread!

GCSE student? We have plenty of discussions around for you - everything from a help thread to a question exchange. Check it out!

A Level mathematician? We're around for you too, and there's loads to sink your teeth into. Whether you want help or just a chat about your subject, there are threads for you. (And if there's one you think of yourself that doesn't yet exist, make it!)

Preparing for university study of maths? Excellent! You're far from alone, and there are many resources around to help. If you're doing STEP, the MAT, or just want to chat with other maths applicants, you've found the right place!

Fancy a challenge? These threads are for you. Proceed with caution! :crazy:

Feeling playful? Discuss the ways maths makes you smile - or have a little whinge about it!
Lighthearted Maths Threads
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