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Kingston University: Freshers Facebook Page 2023!

Starting at Kingston University this autumn? Wanting to try and reach out to people on your course, but struggling to find them online? Then the Official Kingston Uni Freshers Facebook Group is the place for you!

Here, you can meet hundreds of students from different courses who are also starting at KU in September 2023, as well as a good handful of Kingston Uni staff. With over 980 members and 59 new posts just today, the group is constantly active and a great source of up to date information.

I joined last year when I was in a Fresher in 2022 and not only did it put me in touch with classmates that I’m still friends with today, it gave me the opportunity to learn more about the support available before I even started my course, such as pick-ups and transfers available from the airport and the process of moving into halls. Although I wasn’t an international student, I also remember it being a vital resource for anyone who needed pointed in the right direction for help with CAS documentation and other visa assistance especially as other students experiencing similar issues could lend an ear. There were also several raffles, allowing you to net some cool Kingston Uni merch before you even arrived!

Whilst I will admit Facebook isn’t for everyone especially us younger Gen Z-er’s :tongue: the great thing about the page is that it allows you to meet a ton of your course mates, which means you can form a separate, course exclusive group chat on something like WhatsApp or Instagram to get to know each other better before starting. (Being in course chats also turned out to be especially helpful for me during the induction week when I didn’t know where to go, as I already had a group chat I could turn to ask for help! 😊) My recommendation is to scroll down and see if anyone has posted about your course if not, make a post introducing yourself and your course and see who responds.

I’ve included a link below make sure to check it out if you’re an upcoming KU Fresher!

- Eve (Kingston Rep.)

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