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Edexcel gcse business paper 2

Can someone mark this pls for business paper 2?

The use of high quality logistics will give ASOS a competitive advantage as the customers can rely on the reliable customer service of the business which will fulfil the customers. This is because they will be satisfied with the fast customer service as they can rely on the business during an emergency when they need the product the next day. This as a result builds a customer base which will stay loyal to the business and this will as a result be a competitive advantage as the loyal customer will not switch to another supplier for an alternative as they are satisfied with the service that the business provides.

However the use of high quality logistics is the only thing that will give the business a competitive advantage as the use of high quality material will also give the business a higher competitive advantage as the target market of ASOS also likes good quality products that are at a reasonable price. This therefore means that ASOS will attract more customers as a result of their high quality materials which will increase the profit margins of the business as they will attract more customers.

By ASOS using a high quality logistic service the business will have a competitive advantage as the customer base of ASOS will be fulfilled by the fast service of the business which the customers can rely upon. However by also implementing high quality materials the business will satisfy the customers as they know their product they bought was made using good quality materials, which’ll not only maintain the already loyal customer base but also attract new customers as the loyal customers will recommend the business to other people.

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