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Where to revise for Edexcel GCSE statistics F tier

I have my statistics paper 2 GCSE on monday which is an edexcel paper, where can I find revision resources and videos? been struggling to find some, please reply if you know any sites or videos that go over the course etc.
Hey, I am doing statistics H tier but I have some tips that may help:

1) Usually, whatever wasn't in paper 1 will come up in paper 2 so if you remember the topics covered in paper 1, start revising the stuff that wasn't in paper 1 by looking back on your class book/revision book (where you made your notes)
2) in terms or revision websites, there are loads of videos on youtube that explain each individual topic of gcse statistics so whatever units you find the most difficult, you can look the videos up (this really helped me - there was one topic i just couldn't understand, but then i watched a 10min youtube video and now i find that topic easier and can do it with confidence)
3) if you search up on google for past paper questions, you will find loads to do
4) more specifically, if you search up on google individual topics, there will be loads of recourses with practice questions to print out and use

I hope this helps
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