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I need help for my higher tier gcse math resit

Hello, I’m resitting gcse math because the uni I’m applying to require a 6-7 and I got a 4 in foundation tier math…, it’s my first time doing higher tier math, I’m in 2nd year of a levels/btec and also have to revise for HIGHER maths even tho I’m so bad at it. Any tips for me? I think I’m doing edexcel. I’m really bad at math but need it desperately so drop some good advice please😂
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Hey, I did higher-tier maths for gcse and i got a 7! what really helped me was doing exam qs. keep practising, and then look at the mark scheme and see where u went wrong. prioritise topics you struggle with, not ones you're already confident on to manage your time better and YouTube videos also really help when you can't get to grips with a topic! Other websites I used to help me were Hegarty maths, maths genie for exam qs, onmaths and physics and maths tutor for past papers. Hope that helps :smile:

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