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Thrift Shopping in London

Always wanted to go vintage shopping in London but not sure how to start or where to go?
Here are some of my top tips and locations!

Kilo Sales!
Have you ever been to a Kilo sale? If you did not know, there are a ton of vintage second-life pop ups throughout London, organised by the Fashion Revolution! As the name suggests, the price of each garment is dependent on the weight of the clothes, with a kilo usually going for £25! Tickets cost from £1.50 to £2.50 depending on the time slot and you are refunded upon any sales when you pay! Do try to be on time and get an earlier time slot as the early bird catches the worm! Some tips would be to bring a friend, a bag and wear something light so you can try on some clothes! :tongue:

Click HERE to check out upcoming kilo sales near you!

Charity Shops
Charity shops like Oxfam, Cancer Research, Fara and Traid are just a few of the many charity shops located along highstreets in London! Charity shops are usually more affordable compared to curated vintage shops and you can sometimes find hidden gems you were not expecting to find! Top tips would be to check out charity shops in fancier neighbourhoods as people tend to donate better quality clothing there.

Online: Vinted and Ebay!
If you prefer shopping online, try platforms like Vinted and Ebay, where you can easily get a good deal off pre-loved items! Not only is it affordable, you can even filter and search via size, colour, brand or style!

What & How?

Firstly, one of the first few things you should look for when thrifting is the style and colour of the garments. Thrift shops usually arrange clothing according to colour as this makes it easier to find something you might like since the first thing you notice is the colour! Also avoid flashy styles, you don't want to be buying something that looks cool but is not something you would actually wear on a daily basis! :wink:

Secondly, if you have the chance, try on the pieces you are thinking of buying! Something may look amazing but will not fit you the way you think! Trying it on is the best way to see if it's worth it or not!.

Last but not least, search for garments with natural materials like cottons, linens, silk or wool. These garments tend to be worth more and are more breathable and easier on the skin as compared to polyester blends. I would usually avoid fast fashion brands and try to search for something unique that I won’t usually find in stores. :colondollar:

Can’t wait to go treasure hunting for your next hidden gem?
Do you know of any other top tips or great places to thrift?
Feel free to share them down in the comments below! I hope this short write up gives you a little insight on how to start thrifting in London! :h:
Great post @Kingston Reps ! Another great way to find sustainable shops in London is on the mobile app Ganddee :smile:
Kingston University
Kingston University
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