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AQA A-Level Physics Grade Boundaries 2023 Predictions

I’m getting really anxious about A-level physics and I’m worried that I won’t get into uni because of how I did in those exams. Usually I’m working at an A or A* but I’m not even sure I’ve gotten a B.

I’m hoping that a B is 100-110 marks this year since all 3 papers were absolutely horrid.
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I am worried since they said they were supposed to be raising the boundaries this year to make the similar to 2019
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To make it similar to 2019, they probably wont affect the grade boundaries directly, just change the proportion of grades given out.
With AQA alevel physics, in 2019, 8.7% of students got an A*. Last year 16.4% of students got an A*. So this year they may change that proportion to around 13% or something.
The amount of students acheiving As and Bs in 2019 and 2022 are all fairly close, so unlikely to be a massive difference there.
If everyone did really bad this year, the grade boundaries will be low. It will be the proportion of students with each grade that changes, so 100 for a B may be realistic.
Cant really predict anything tho, Im sure you all did fine!
Same with me, I spent 80% of my revision time on physics too but those papers were actually beyond criminal. I need an A for my firm and insurance lol. We may be done here ngl

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