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Official University of Groningen freshers 2023 chat

Hello and welcome to all the University of Groningen Freshers of 2023! :hello:

You made it through your exams, results day has been and gone, and now you finally know where you’ll be headed in just a few weeks! :thumbsup:

This is a place where you can introduce yourself, meet other students who’ll be joining you at university, and make a few friends even before you arrive! :yeah:

So to kick off, why not introduce yourself with:
What course you’ll be studying
What you like doing in your spare time
What you’re most looking forward to about studying at University of Groningen

Only share as much information as you wish.
In this forum, you can post anonymously if you tick the box at the bottom. :smile:

Finally, a few useful threads you might want to take a look at to help you prepare:
Remember to update your student finance application - The Student Room

Good luck everyone and a massive WELL DONE for everything you have achieved!

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