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astrophysics/theoretical physics work experience for a y11

im trying to get started on finding a work experience placement- my school requires that i have one finalised by april, and the placement needs to be for 5 days, between the 1st and 19th of july.
i'd like to go into physics in the future, namely astrophysics, nuclear physics, theoretical physics or quantum physics. the thing is i have no idea where i could find work experience for those things as most opportunities that appeal to me seem to be outside of the uk or not for my age group.
does anyone know of some good opportunities that i could take a look at? anything helps as im kind of lost rn 🥲
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Work experience placement does sound really daunting for a y11 ngl 😭
I don’t know any placements, but I know there’s this physics challenge which if you solve enough problems on Isaac physics you get to go to Cambridge for physics workshops for 5 days from 1-4 d

Oxford also does outreach things like compos and a buncha open days for physics!
And there’s also the physics brawl, OPhO and physics cup if you’re into physics competitions (all online)

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