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Edinburgh v LSE for History

So I’ve got offers to study History at both unis, however I’m having a hard time deciding which one would be right for me. Edinburgh is a 4 year course and i feel like i would love living there. However, LSE is a 3 year course. this is important as plan on doing a law conversion after uni, therefore LSE+a conversion course would mean ive got a qualifying law degree in the same time that i would finish history at Edinburgh. LSE is also immensely more valued by companies and probably more impressive to go to. I also think i just would enjoy the LSE course more as its more focused on modern history+politics. the only thing is id hate to live in London and would much rather live in Edinburgh, plus Edinburgh Uni’s 500 year history itself is rlly cool. In addition to this, I’ve heard the social life at LSE is lacking (altho ofc to an extent it’s what u make it) and that Edinburgh is a much friendlier place. So yea any thoughts?
Only you can decide what is right for you. Everybody is different. Dont make this decision yet. You have until June. Personally if you dont feel comfortable somewhere I wouldnt go there. You need to spend 3 years there and being unhappy isnt going to help.
I agree with what the other person said. In addition, if the only thing about LSE that you’re worried about though is the social life then i can promise this isnt true. LSE is actually very sociable, particularly if you stay in one of the larger catered halls like bankside (i think this is getting knocked down next year though). The cultural difference ive noticed at LSE compared to other unis is that we generally spend less time lounging around, and will maximise our free time. For example most students will get to campus at 9/10/11 and not leave until 6pm, but they will then go home and immiedietly get ready to go clubbing and still be fine to go back on campus for 9am the next day, whereas other people may spend the day at home after a night out. It just depends if thats the sort of thing you would be willing to do for such a prestigious degree.
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LSE is 67% International students.
Nothing wrong with this, but it may impact your 'student experience'.

Edinburgh will probably give you a far more interesting experience than being stuck in the middle of London - and its a cheaper and safer place to live.

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