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KCL or St Andrews

Hi all,
I have no idea which university to go to in September and I’m hoping for a bit of advice. My firm choice will be between Kings College or St Andrews, so pretty different experiences and courses. I’m a Channel Islands student so I’ll have to travel for both unis. The grades I would need are exactly the same, so this is what I’m thinking so far:

King’s College:
Course - History and War Studies
Pros: really cool course, loads of things to do in London, easy to get home
Cons: less of a uni experience, super expensive, and nerves about living in a city coming from a person who’s always lived on a tiny island, accoms scare me ngl

St Andrews:
Course - Modern History and International Relations
Pros: beautiful, much smaller and together community, travel isn’t too bad, international reputation
Cons: course isn’t my ideal course (also 4 years), fear I’ll regret not taking the opportunity of the best time to live in London
also for SA, I haven't gotten an offer back at the time of posting.

Obviously there are a lot more pros and cons for both but every single person I’ve talked to has a different opinion on which I should go to so I’m asking on here for some neutral thoughts. Honestly my head is a bit all over the place so I really don’t know which one I’m even leaning towards.

Thanks :smile:

As a student who moved from the Channel Islands to a Campus University in 2021, my experience relates to feeling overwhelmed with the idea of halls and living in a big city, especially just after the pandemic. Accommodation can be scary at first, but especially if you find people who know their way around the city, things can become easier.

I found moving to a university where I had the opportunity to dip in and out of the city lifestyle whilst remaining a campus student to be beneficial. Though it really was not something I had planned.

I selected the University that had kept in contact with me regularly and seemed to have a genuine interest in having me as a student. Alongside the social and academic experiences that you have been weighing up.

Having also had friends who moved to various city universities and transferring in and out of the lifestyle myself it took a while for me to adjust. But the concept of moving to the mainland brings those new challenges that down the line I became thankful for experiencing.

The biggest thing to remember is that everyone is going through their own version of what you are experiencing even if it does not carry the weight of moving overseas.

Best Wishes,
Charlie University of Salford Student Representative

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