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A level physics aqa help!!!!!!

Hey Guys!

I'm doing AQA A Level physics (currently on the electricity topic in AS/Year 1). Can anyone help me with this homework question on EMF and internal resistance?

The question is:
"You are supplied with 6 identical dry cells, each with an e.m.f 1.5V and internal resistance 0.3 ohms. What are the overall emf and internal resistance when:
a) the cells are connected in parallel
b) they're connected in series
c) they're connected in three groups, each of 2 cells in series, and the groups are connected in parallel with each other.

Assume the polarity of all the cells in each arrangement is the same."

I dont know what happens to emf in parallel!! also wth is a "dry cell"?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!
When In parallel EMF is constant for all components, think of it as voltage

B) 9V
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Dry cell is a slightly old fashioned term for the normal type of battery you buy at tesco... Like AAA or D.

A wet cell is something like a lead-acid car battery that has a liquid sloshing around inside it.
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Thanks so much guys <3

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