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I've just finished reading this book and thought it was pretty good although obviously it was all just fantasy. However I was surprised to hear that they have made a film already, with Billy Connoly, Anna Friel and a few others in. Its expected to be released towards the end of November...

Does anybody else rate Michael Crichton as an author? I've only ever read one other book by him called 'Sphere' which I read in a few days because it was pretty fascinating....

I also feel that the success of Jurassic Park is hyped up too much on his books. Every book since that has 'From the author of the best seller Jurassic Park', anyway I'll stop rambling on now...

If not, does anybody else have any good authors to recommend? Mainly in the past/future genres....

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I've read quite a few Micheal Crichton books. i recommend PREY and JURASSIC PARK, LOST WORLD and CONGO. then i moved onto John Grisham, who's my favourite. All modern books, good legal thrillers. i read all of them within a year and they're all pretty brill. Try him, you'll love it.
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