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like others, i really enjoy statistics and find it quite easy so would definitely recommend it! however, the controlled assessment can be tedious and time-consuming and, for most, tends to pull your overall grade down. so if your not overly keen on controlled assessment it may not be the best; although i do think its pretty manageable, especially if in class you do a practice investigation.
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(Original post by xxSonuxx)
Thanks for your suggestion; it has helped me. What do you think about GCSE Geography and BTEC Health and Social Care? Are BTECs considered weak to GCSEs? I don't know...
At GCSE, a BTEC won't hold you back at all and if you're considering picking BTECs I wouldn't at all discourage it. People tend to look down on them but there's nothing wrong with that- they're just an alternative to more traditional GCSEs/A levels etc (and better for many people as they don't have exams)

When you get round to picking for A level though, and if you want to study something academic at university (history/geography/maths/English/science- anything like that) then BTECs are certainly considered weaker, even more so when it comes to the top universities. They certainly won't disregard you if you have one BTEC and 2 A levels say, but for the likes of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Warwick etc. it'll weaken your chances considerably (which is a shame because BTECs are equivalent to A levels and should be treated such but aren't)

And personally I think GCSE Geography would be a really good choice. I never took it but I only heard good friends from those who did and they're now doing it at AS/A level and is a very prestigious subject to have so I'd recommend it definitely

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(Original post by xxSonuxx)
Hi there. I have a week left before I submit my final set of GCSE options, which I will be taking in June 2018. The options are as follows:

GCSE English Literature
GCSE English Language
GCSE Maths
GCSE Science (Double or Triple, I am not sure yet)
GCSE Spanish
GCSE History
GCSE Photography
GCSE Statistics (NOT SURE)

I have tried to keep a wide variety of options, so they are open for more career courses, however, I am not sure about GCSE Statistics, as many people have claimed that the coursework involved requires a lot of work and is immensely boring, but it is quite easy and useful for further mathematical, geographical and science careers at A-Levels or Uni. Plus, it is good to have an extra GCSE. I have not really decided fully on it, but I don't know what to do for reserve.
Please drop down your opinions on these options, as they would be really useful for me - I want to get a wide variety of options and they should be enjoyable. Thank you.
I know you have probably decided now but if it helps, I think you have chosen some really good options. Sport, creativity, academic and fun! I am sitting my GCSES this year (2016) so not long now! I am doing:
OCR Business Studies
ECDL Computing
CIE English Language
AQA English Literature
OCR French
Edexcel History
Edexcel Maths
AQA Use of Maths
Edexcel Music
OCR Philosophy and Ethics
AQA Core Science
AQA Additional Science
AQA Further Additional Science
OCR Critical Thinking

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