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Guys I have no idea how to revise languages. In my school you have to do two (I do German and French) and I am failing. I just don’t know how to revise languages, please help me.
I'm not an expert but I think there is some general advice I could give (I take Aqa French and Aqa German gcses):

Step 1: Look at the specimin - if you go to your exam board's website then there should be an option to see the specimin, so print off the vocabluary and what is required. Vocabluary is the key!

Step 2: Use flashcards (make your own, or use anki or another website) and either type out the vocabluary or use another user's template. Split the vocabluary into modules (e.g. for aqa there are names of chapters) and try using spaced repetition, or aim to learn the vocab in a day. Learn the vocab French to English and German to English - it is harder initially but it sticks better.

Step 3: What components are in your exam? Are they equally rated? Aqa is 25% for each component (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

Step 4: Use past papers (if you're doing higher, start with foundation tests, and equally if you're doing foundation then you might want to attempt higher as a challenge) and find out your weakest area.

If you're struggling with the reading and comprehension skills - Learn learn learn vocabluary! If possible, maybe invest or look online for the textbook or simple texts to try and improve this skill. Use past papers to see how to allocate time - and remember to look at the instructions - it's very important to write in French/German when it asks you to.

If you're struggling with writing, then look online gcse writing prompts or there are books out there to help you improve. Start writing just for the sake of writing, and use the markscheme to try and see what is needed (e.g. time phrases, fancy adjectives etc - memorise it all to improve your chances of a high grade).

If you're struggling with listening - use vocabluary, but also online resources to attempt to find out the pronunciations of those words. Memorise the French and German alphabet and their sounds - this also helps with speaking.

The main key is to implement what is needed to achieve a high grade. However, this is very much ONLY for the exam. In order to study a language further than gcse in detail, then you should spend some time immersing yourself into media - tv shows with subtitles, podcasts, looking up videos at your level (you might have to endure some tv shows which might seem babyish - but it is helping your language skills).

Grammar - grammar can be hard to learn. Memorise the tenses etc - they are key for doing well in writing and speaking exams. However, some things (such as dative and accusative in German) are not necessary for a high grade, but once you learn it, it makes you more proficient and better set up for later learning. If you are in a rush and only looking for a high grade, then learn the tenses, but things such as dative and accusative don't need much focus. However, if you have time, learn the gcse grammar!!

Speak to your teachers - they could help you improve/pinpoint you to resources.

Best of luck and I hope some of this helps :wink:
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Original post by Elita777
Guys I have no idea how to revise languages. In my school you have to do two (I do German and French) and I am failing. I just don’t know how to revise languages, please help me.

Hi, I'm currently doing A-level French and here are some things that have been useful for me:

memrise - very helpful for learning vocab

quizlet - upload all your speaking questions and practice, practice, practice! also good for vocab

YouTube - I found this helpful for walkthroughs about grammar that I struggled with

use your teachers!! - it might seem awkward but at the end of the day they are here to help you so maybe talk to them about how you're struggling with revision and then they can point you in the right direction 🙂

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